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Let me show you the quick and simple ways to get back into exercise, feel stronger and regain your confidence with this FREE online workshop.

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What is The Discover Pilates Workshop?

This free 7 day workshop is perfect for women who are looking to give Pilates a try and get back into exercise.

Running from Monday 11th October - Monday 18th October 2021


I'll teach you the simple yet effective exercises that you can build into your everyday life to feel fitter and stronger.

Each class is designed to help you increase flexibility, balance and strength whilst allowing you to work at a level that feels right for you. 

Each class is 30-45 minutes long and can be done in the comfort of your own home, no equipment needed!


But it's more than just exercising at home.


I know how hard it can be to get started, especially when there are so many different options out there.

We all know that exercise is good for us. 

It gives us a feeling of wellbeing, improves our mood and above all keeps us supple and fit. 

Exercise can also help to improve our sleep pattern.  

It's all too easy to fall into the vicious circle of feeling down so we don't want to exercise. 

We don't exercise so our aches and pains, and stiff joints begin to impact our daily lives and we feel down… and so on.....  

So I've designed this workshop to give you the encouragement and support you need so you've got the confidence to take those first steps.

What's Included in the Discover Pilates Beginners Workshop?

3 Brand New Pilates Classes

I'll be teaching 3 Beginners Pilates Classes over the 7 days. 

Classes work on Strength, Flexibility, Core and Relaxation.

Don't worry of you can't attend live as all the classes are recorded so you can access them later.

Private Facebook Group

Getting started is always hard so I'm here to support and encourage you every step of the way. 

There's a Pop Up Facebook Group that will be open for the duration of the workshop, where you can ask any questions and keep in touch with others on the same journey.

2 Bonus Workshops

These workshops are a great way to discover more about Pilates and get your questions answered.

We'll be talking about what exercises are best, how moving through the menopause and beyond effects how we need to approach exercise and much much more!

Who is the Discover Pilates Beginners Workshop for?


This Beginners Workshop is all about helping you get back into exercise 


Maybe you’ve wanted to try doing something but there’s so many options out there nowadays, that you get overwhelmed and don’t bother?


Maybe you tried a new fitness regime, but gave up because you didn’t have the time, nor the inclination, to do it?


Maybe you've tried exercising before but it just seemed to make things worse?


Maybe you feel like you’re too old to start something new now, you may as well just ‘put up with it all’? 


Sound familiar? Then I'd love you to come and join me for this free workshop :)


Discover Pilates is all about giving you a clear, step-by-step plan showing you how to move your body safely, manage those niggly aches and pains, and regain your confidence. (and have fun while we do it!)


I've spent years working with women, helping them to get back into exercise and I know the step by step approach that really works.


I also know that getting started and knowing which exercises to do is always the hardest part!


I'm here to guide you through step by step and make exercise easy and FUN!

You're in Great Hands ....

A bit about me

I’m Zoe, a Chartered Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor. I specialise in helping women get back into exercise and helping them feel more confident in their body.

I've been a Physio for 21 years,  teaching Pilates for over 12 years and I've run my own Pilates clinic in Solihull, England since 2013.

I turned to Pilates after my own back injury and I love it. It’s a fantastic way to keep flexible, fit and strong as well as being great for relaxation. 

Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm a born worrier!  I've found that Mindfulness and Pilates really help me manage my stress and anxiety, although I would say I'm definitely a work in progress!


Not sure if the workshop is right for you?

Here's what some previous participants had to say ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All the research suggests that the best way to manage back pain is with exercise.

However, if you are currently undergoing treatment, I advise that you speak to the person treating you before taking part.

Yes. I’ve made sure that all the exercises in the workshop are suitable if you’ve been diagnosed with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia. There are a few modifications to some of the exercises, but I’ll go through this with you.

IMPORTANT: If you have had a fracture associated with your Osteoporosis in particular a spinal fracture then unfortunately these classes are NOT suitable. 

I would recommend looking into individual sessions so the exercises can be more tailored to meet your specific needs and speaking to your GP before you start.


The live classes will be held on Zoom and you'll get emailed a link daily to each session.

No, the set up will mean that you won’t be on camera or audio and I'll be the only one you're able to see and hear.

You will be able to ask questions via a "chatbox" inside Zoom and I will answer as many questions as I can after the sessions.

I know that turning up live will help you get the most out of the session but I also know that it won't always be possible.

So don't worry :) All the sessions will be recorded and you'll have access to them until Friday 22nd October 2021.

Absolutely :)

There will be an opportunity to ask questions after each of the live sessions and also inside the Facebook group.

Whilst I can give general information, I am unable to give specific medical advice as I don't know your medical history and haven't gone through an assessment with you.

The workshop is absolutely free to join and you won't be asked to enter any card details. 

You will be signing up to my mailing list but you are free to unsubscribe at any time :)

At the end of the workshop, if you've enjoyed the classes and want to continue your Pilates journey, I'll be talking about ways you can continue to work with me but you are under no obligation at all :)

 Looking forward to seeing you on the inside

Zoe x


Pilates is suitable for most people and the Discover Pilates Beginners Workshop is designed for those looking to get back into exercise.

If you are currently seeing a Health Professional or under a Consultant, I always advise that you discuss starting Pilates with them before getting started.

This is especially important if you are post surgery or recovering from an injury.


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